When to harvest rose hips ?

Autumn is the best time of year to harvest rose hips after the first light frost that makes the rose hips sweeter and a nice bright red or orange color and also softer.

Before harvest rose hips try to feel the strength of the hip before harvesting it. The rose hips shouldn’t be too unripe nor too overripe.

Wild Rose Hip harvester

Brief about Rose Hip:

Rose hips are the fruits of the rose flower plant and it’s edible and are shaped round or oval. The color of rose hips is mainly red or orange and some varieties purple or dark.

Rose hips have a very high amount of vitamins C, E and B, fibers, nutrition, and antioxidants compared to other fruits.
Rose hips are very healthy fruits to improve skin health, help treat symptoms of arthritis, diarrhea, blood pressure, lower cholesterol, boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, help prevent type 2 diabetes, treat and stomach ulcers.

    How to harvest rose hips by using  mechanical harvester?

    We offer a full line of berry harvesters for harvesting rose hips.

    By using the most popular model the half-row berry harvester JAREK 5 ( V-shaking system) to harvest rose hips that has been operating for several decades. We guarantee a harvest accuracy from 95% to 99% and the amount of impurities does not exceed 1% as the best result achieved so far without damaging the bushes.

    For plantations more than 1 hectare up to 15 ha, we recommend a half-row berry harvester for harvesting rose hips which can save more than 95% of time against manual harvest and labor-saving more than 65% of cost.

    The harvester is equipped with double shaking heads due to the branches of rose hip bushes are winding and dense which we don’t recommend one shaker head as it caused strong vibration on the bushes and it may damage the branches and fruits. To know more about the specification of the harvester Download PDF

    For plantations above 15 ha, we offer  tow behind berry harvester harvester OSKAR A01 for the whole row (  V-shaking system) and tow behind berry harvester JAGODA 300 ( Vertical shaking system), and for plantations above 30 ha, we offer the self-propelled berry harvester OSKAR 4WD that can use also to harvest blackcurrants, redcurrants, Aronia berry (chokeberries), gooseberries, Haskap (honeyberries), autumn-fruiting raspberries, and saskatoon berries.

      Harvest Rose hips

      Preparing the field of rose hips for half-row mechanical harvest:

      In order to achieve the best work effects, proper preparation of the plantation is extremely important.

      • Distance between Rows Min. 3.5 m
      • Distance between plants in a row 0.5 m to 0.8 m
        Min height of the bushes : the fruits above 20 cm from the ground level
      • Max height of the bushes: up to 2.5 m
      • Distance at then end of the rows to fences 6 m

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