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Tractor-trailed Blueberry & Raspberry Harvester

blueberry Harvester JAGODA 300

General Informations

The over-the-row trailed blueberry harvester JAGODA 300 is the latest design to collect berries on plantations prepared for mechanical harvests such as blueberries of different varieties, raspberries, and sour cherries from young trees.

Récolteuses de récolte des myrtilles et des framboises JAGODA JPS Agromachines

Why blueberry harvester JAGODA 300 is the best choice for blueberry growers?

Highest-quality fruit with an effective cleaning system.


  • Working speed: 0.5 km/h to 2 km/h
  • Output harvest: 0.25 ha/h to 0.5 ha/h
  • Number of rotor picking head: 2
  • Tractor capacity: Min 70 HP
  • The accuracy of harvesting: from 90% to 98% (vary with crown diamter) 
Blueberry Harvester JAGODA 300

Plantation requirements:

  • Distance between Rows: min. 3 m ( depend on tractor size )
  • Harvester is designed to harvest in plantations managed in a raised-bed or flat bed
  • The height of the harvester can be regulated and the lowest position of the catcher plates is at 25 cm above the ground.
  • Possible harvesting with T-shaped support posts.
  • The crown has to be narrow to minimize the loss of the fruit. Wide crowns increase the loss when the catcher plates open around the bush.
  • The distance required at the end of the rows: min 6 m – 8 m.
The blueberry harvester JAGODA 300 is equipped with two innovative vertical shakers

Highest workmanship standard – The blueberry harvester is fully equipped:

  • Hydraulic adjustable picking tunnel to fit different plantation conditions (Height: 2850 mm – Max: 3450 mm )
  • Steering wheels provide a smaller turning radius, which is especially important on u-turns.
  • The platform for collecting fruits is hydraulically adjustable (transport and working position).
  • Wireless control for steering wheels and harvester height adjustment.
  • Protection roofs
  • Drive and working light

Design exclusivity :

  • The blueberry harvester JAGODA 300 is equipped with two innovative vertical shakers 920 that guarantee effective shaking with gentle vibration and are much more gentle for shrubs than standard shaking heads. The shaking force can be regulated by changing the rotating weight, thanks to which the shakers can be used for different berry fruits. 
  • Effective cleaning system adjustable hydraulically designed to remove leaves and impurities from collected fruits with the conveyor. It has an adjustable speed of up to 1000 turns/min
  • The design of the blueberry harvester JAGODA 300 guarantees that only ripe fruits fall and ensure the high quality of the collected fruit with no external damage and minimal internal deterioration. ( Brusing happened due to drop fruits
  • We offer different deck configurations that can be set according to the customer’s needs.

Technical Specifications

Harvester Type Trailed to tractor attached by 2 points linkage CAT 2
Drive Hydraulic pump through the transmission
Width 2 900 mm
Length 5 400 mm – 6 100 mm
Height 2 850 mm – 3 450 mm
Dry Weight 3,600 Kg
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