Haskap Harvester

Honeyberry Picking Machine

Haskap Harvester for picking honeyberries

General Informations

Haskap harvester JAREK 5H is that the newest version of JAREK berry harvesters pulled behind the tractor is equipped with one innovative shaking head 920 guarantees soft shaking on the fruits and it is much more gentle for shrubs than standard shaking heads by changing the shaking force of the rotating weight that can be used for different berry fruits. It’s equipped with plastic single and double sun-shaped shaking elements.

Different design concept than others. Our engineers consider the optimal solution to form our machine more maneuverable, especially on u turns, less compaction on the soil, efficient operation and guarantee maintaining optimal operation parameters.

Harvester tow-behind requires a tractor with power min. 30 HP / PTO at 300 rpm

  • The standard harvester includes a hydraulic steering axle that allows a turning radius while guaranteeing a free operation and excellent maneuverability of the machine,  there’s no need to leave a distance 10-15 meters at the end of the rows (Only requires 5 to 6 meters) and the harvester is able to work with distance 3.2 m between rows.
  • For harvesting Haskap, we guarantee the harvest output up to 95%-99% and therefore the amount of impurities does not exceed 1% for plantation prepared for mechanical harvest as the best result achieved harvest in the market.
  • No need for additional accessories for low shrubs. Our harvesters are distinguished by a unique design allowing the lowest possible installation of the “sun-shaped” vibration elements. Thanks to this solution, fruits can be harvested even from young and low bushes without installing additional equipment for low bushes (from 15-20 cm above the ground).
  • The standard harvester equipped with roof.
  • The standard harvester equipped with platform for collecting fruits in big box (500 kg) and small boxes (10 Kg).
  • Conveyor belt chains protected against excessive tension (exclusively designed to reduce the maintenance cost).
  • The harvester is characterized by a  top quality finish and a simple construction. The modular design of the harvester allows to  configure  consistent with the customer’s needs at each stage of use and adapted to the requirements of the plantation and the specificity of the fruit harvested by offering different options for deck configurations.

We recommend the raspberry attachment equipped with pre-separator that removes minor impurities and extra separating conveyor that facilitates removal of damaged fruits.

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Tractor power demand

Min. 22 kW / 30 Hp

Working speed

0.8-1.8 km/h


0.1-0.2 ha/h

Required staff

Tractor operator + 1

Technical Specifications

Attaching method Hook to the tractor joist. Category 2
Drive External hydraulics of the tractor – control of the harvester’s operating assembly. A drive of workgroups – hydraulic pump through the transmission.
Tractor power demand Min. 22 kW / 30 Hp
Working speed 0.8-1.8 km/h
Output 0.1-0.2 ha/h
Width 2 400 mm
Length 6 100 mm
Height 2 500 mm (without roof  2 000 mm)
Weight 1 850 kgs
Required staff Tractor operator + 1

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