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Chokeberries Harvesting Machine- First Choice For Aronia berry growers

chokeberry harvesting machine

General Informations

ARONIC is a harvesting machine designed to collect aronia berries, also called chokeberries, and it’s a modified version of our versatile product – the half-row berry bush harvester JAREK5.

Aronia harvesting machine ARONIC is equipped with one shaker head with increased vibration energy and changed slides for shrubs. Due to the higher yield of chokeberries in relation to currant, chokeberry harvesting speed is  between 0.08 – 0.2 ha / h.

The harvest of Aronia fruits lasts longer and the accuracy of the collection depends mainly on the size of the bushes and the maintenance of the plantation.

As result, we recommend using a pruning machine FORMER to prune and form rows of berry bushes into V-shaped shrubs. It is an important step in preparations for a fast and efficient collection of berry bushes with mechanical harvest.

It’s advised to keep the bushes relatively small, shrub’s optimal height is 1 m – 2 m.

  • The accuracy of the harvest reaches 98% and the amount of impurities and damaged fruit does not exceed 1%.
  • The Aronia harvesting machine ARONIC is characterized by a high-quality finish and simple modular design. this enables adjusting the structure according to the customer needs and a change in the configuration at a later date. For the drive, it’s advised to use a tractor with low operating speeds ( tractor capacity:Min 30 Hp.
  • Harvesting fruits from young/low shrubs, There is no need to install additional attachments for low shrubs.
  • Conveyor belt chains protected against excessive tension
  • The standard equipment includes: a hydraulic steering axle, which provides a smaller turning radius, which is especially important on u-turns, platform for big and small pallet boxes with sun-protecting roof.

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How to Grow Aronia Berries

This presentation was prepared with the first Aronia nursery in Europe Aronia-Eggert: Aronia berries from planting to harvesting

Tractor power demand

Min. 22 kW / 30 Hp

Working speed

0.6-1.5 km/h


0.08-0.2 ha/h

Required staff

Tractor operator + 1

Technical Specifications

Attaching method Hook to the tractor joist. Category 2
Drive External hydraulics of the tractor – control of harvester’s operating assembly. The drive of workgroups – hydraulic pump through the transmission.
Tractor power demand Min. 22 kW / 30 HP
Working speed 0.6-1.5 km/h
Output 0.08-0.2 ha/h
Width 2 400 mm
Length 6 100 mm
Height 2 500 mm (without roof  2 000 mm)
Weight 1 850 kgs
Required staff Tractor operator + 1

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