Universal Orchard Frame


For Multipurpose Weed Control

Universal Orchard Frame M01 for Multipurpose Weed Control

General Informations

The M-01 universal orchard frame is a robust and adaptable frame designed to accommodate various combinations of weed control accessories. Its reversible chassis can be effortlessly mounted on the front or rear of your tractor, allowing for precise positioning to meet various needs.

Your Orchard with the M-01 Universal orchard Frame

key features of the Universal Orchard Frame:

  • Flexible configuration: Mounts on both the front and rear of your tractor using CAT 1 & 2 linkages for optimal weed control in different situations.
  • Universal design: Adapts to various weed control accessories like the LUCY inter-row rotary weeder, KLAUDIA orchard finger weeder, ALEK orchard disc plow, and inter-row blade kit.
  • Adjustable width: Works across diverse orchard aisles with hydraulically controlled width adjustment from 1.72m to 3.10m, with extensions available on request.

  • Produced in both sided single or double sided

  • Adjustable rubber wheels allow precise height control for effective weed removal.

  • Dedicated stand for easy storage and transport.

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