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In-row weeding with blade LU-001M JAGODA JPS

General Informations

Precise In-Row & Under-Row Weeder with Blade for Vineyards & Orchards

The LU-001M under-row weeder delivers superior weed control for vineyards and orchards, promoting optimal crop health. This in-row weeding machine features a highly adaptable blade weeder capable of coping with various soil conditions. Additionally, the inter-row unit boasts a wide range of accessories that can be easily assembled on the machine to fit different types of soil and under-vine terrains, ensuring a clean and efficient weeding experience.

    Key Features & Benefits: 

    • Precise Under-Row Weed Removal: A sensitive sensor ensures clean work around vines and trees, preventing the blade from damaging cultivated plants. The blade operates just a few centimeters below the surface, effectively cutting and removing weed shoots directly at the roots. Moreover, the width is adjusted hydraulically, allowing for use in crops with different row widths.
    • Efficient Soil Management: The under-row weeder features efficient soil management. Fins on the blade efficiently separate soil from weed roots, allowing the exposed weeds to dry out quickly. Additionally, the moldboard lifts and flips weeds, exposing fresh topsoil. This dual action enhances aeration and promotes nutrient absorption for healthier crops.
    Inter-row Blade Weeding machine JAGODA JPS Agromachines
    • Enhanced Effectiveness: An adjustable disc plow, positioned in front of the weeding blade, minimizes compaction and facilitates weed removal. This pre-loosening encourages faster and more thorough weed control by the blade.
    • Sustainable Solution: The LU-001M under-row weeder with a blade for vineyards promotes sustainable farming practices by eliminating the need for chemical herbicides. It is the ideal choice for organic farmers seeking precise weed control around vine stocks. This efficient in-row weeding machine ensures healthy growth for fruit and berry bushes, providing targeted weed management that supports organic and eco-friendly agriculture.
    Under-row Weeder with blade for Vineyards and Orchards LU-001M - JAGODA JPS

    Standard Equipment: 

    • Universal Frame M-001: Offers front or rear mounting options.
    • Hydraulic Width Shifting: Allows for efficient weeding in crops with varying row widths.
    • Inter-Row Electro-Hydraulic Unit: Includes a high-sensitivity, adjustable sensor for precise weeding and a single-sided EZ UniFlow Electro-Hydraulic Block equipped with a control panel for managing three sections.
    • Adjustable Rubber Wheels: Provide height control for weed removal.
    • Dedicated Stand: Ensures easy storage and transport of the weeder.


    Under-row Weeder with Blades JAGODA JPS Agromachines

    Inter-Row Weeding Blade Kit (R)

    The blade kit is designed to rotate up to an angle of 90º at a working speed from 5 to 10 km/h. Lenght: 60 cm / 50 cm

    Effective Weed Control by using Fins on the blades

    Fins on Weeding Blade

    The three fins mounted on the blade beam lift the roots and cloddy soil, allowing the soil to be separated from the grass roots.

    Moldboard on blade weeding machine JAGODA JPS Agromachines

    Moldboard on the Blade

    Mounted at the end of the blade beam, it lifts and loosens compacted soil, overturns weeds, and exposes topsoil.

    Adjustable disc plow for under-row weed control JAGODA JPS Agromachines

    Adjustable Disc Plow (R)

    The adjustable disc plow (height & angle) loosens soil before the blade, maximizing weeding efficiency.

    Disc cultivator for inter-row weeder for orchards and vineyards

    Adjustable Disc Cultivator (R)

    Placed in front of the blade weeder, the adjustable disc cultivator (height & angle) facilitates blade penetration into the soil and defines an edge for the weeding area.

    Shank plough point for under-row weeding machine

    Tiller Tine with Chisel Plough

    Mounted before the blade or rotary harrow, the tiller tine with a chisel point is recommended for working in extreme soil conditions.

    under-row weeder with rotary blade JAGODA JPS

    In-Row Rotary Cultivator (R)

    The rotary cultivator is equipped with three vertical blades, the rotary harrow cultivator works effectively in moderate soil conditions such as silt and clay. Merging with the weeding blade increases the efficiency of weed control by crushing soil clods and targeting weed roots.

    Universal Orchard Frame M01 for Multipurpose Weed Control

    Uni-Orchard Frame M-001

    A versatile orchard frame designed to work with different weed control attachments. It features a hydraulically adjustable width on one side, allowing for single-sided configurations from M001:1.2 m to 1.6 m & M001E: 1.65 m to 2.05 m.

    Additional hydraulic oil flow for under-row weeder and viticultural machines

    Hydraulic Power Unit: AHF-01

    The AHF-01 is a rear-mounted hydraulic power unit designed to provide additional oil flow, up to 70 L/min, for orchard equipment. This unit is particularly beneficial for machines like under-row weeders and viticultural machines that might be limited by the tractor’s hydraulic capacity.

    The single-sided operation block centralized system for inter-row management ensures seamless performance without interruptions. JAGODA JPS Agromachines

    EZ Uni-Flow Centralized Block

    The centralized inter-row system features a single-sided operation block with electric control. It integrates hydraulic regulation for accessory movement, width adjustment, and oil flow, all managed via a control panel. The system includes dual pressure gauges for monitoring oil flow to ensure optimal performance and adaptability for various tools.

    Wireless control system for the orchard under-row weeder machine, managed from the tractor cab JAGODA JPS

    Wireless Control Panel

    The orchard under-row weeder machine can be controlled wirelessly from the tractor cab, with a connection range of up to 30 meters, replacing the traditional electric switch control. This wireless system allows for managing hydraulic options across up to three electro-valve sections.

    Integrating Tech 4.0 and IoT in Inter-Row Weeding Machines for Vineyards and Orchards

    Integrating Tech 4.0 and IoT

    Integrating Tech 4.0 and IoT technologies into under-row weeding machines for vineyards and orchards greatly improves their efficiency, reliability, and precision. These innovations promote sustainable farming, and boost overall farm productivity, making them essential for modern agriculture.

    Dimensions (LxWxH) 800 mm X 720 mm X 580 mm
    Working speed Up to 10 km/h
    Oil requirement: 10 l/min t0 15 l/min
    Weight Around 35 kg

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