Tree Shaker for olives, plums, apples, cherries, and others
Tree shaker PESTKA

General Information

Tree shaker PESTKA is the most effective, reliable, and cost-saving for harvesting olives, nuts, pecan, sour cherries, plums, industrial apples, ciders, almonds, walnuts, and others.

The trunk shaker machine captures the tree trunk by paw grip and vibrates it. The collected fruits fall to screens that are spread under a tree (screens are not included in the standard equipment of PESTKA), any leaves and twigs should be removed with a blower.

Detailed Specs


  • PESTKA tree shaker uses the tractor’s external hydraulic system and it’s required around 20 l/min from the tractor hydraulic pump, which allows for a simpler structure than similar machines in the market.
  • In case the trunk of the tree is above 22 cm, PESTKA shaker is able to reach the main branches of the trees
  • PESTKA is aggregated with the agricultural tractor equipped with a three-point linkage
  • The effectiveness of shaking off can be adjusted by simply changing the mass of the rotating components of the shaking head.
  • The length of the boom supporting the shaker is adjustable from 1200 mm to 2000 mm, which makes it easier to work in orchards of irregular row spacing.
  • Thanks to the boom turn of 180 degrees to the right and to the left, you can simultaneously harvest from both row sides. In this option 2 sets of screens and an additional 2 people to support them are necessary.

Plantation Requirments:

tree shaker PESTKA

Space between rows Tractor size
Space between trees in a row  Any distance
Crown diameter  Any
Trunk height min 0.5 m
Length 3 400 mm
Width 900 mm
Height 1 620 mm
Weight 220 kgs
Scope of paws grip 50-220 mm
Required hydraulic pomp consumption 20-40 l/min
Regulating trunk clamping force Hydraulic by overflow valve
Harvest accuracy around 95%
Staff required 1 for machine + tractor operator’s + 2 for the screen under tree

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Scope of paws grip

50-220 mm

Required hydraulic pomp consumption

20-40 l/min

Harvest accuracy

around 95%


100 trees/h

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