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Ideal for Tree Sour Cherry, & Plum Harvesting

Harvesting machine for cherry and plums GACEK - JAGODA JPS

General Informations

The GACEK Automatic Tree Shaker: Your innovative and most economical design for stone fruit harvesting.

Specifically designed for harvesting sour cherries, plums, and other stone fruits growing in rows, the GACEK automatic tree shaker stands out as advanced harvesting machine. With its automatic tarpaulin designed to catch the fruit, seamlessly operable through automated opening and folding mechanisms.

The GACEK pull-type harvester, featuring an exclusive shaking head design, grips the trunk, gently shakes it to loosen the fruit onto a reversed umbrella (trapline), and efficiently transports them via a conveyor belt. A built-in fan removes leaves and all impurities, ensuring the clean collection of fruit into either a large 500 kg box or smaller boxes.

Automatic Tree shaker for cherry and plums GACEK - JAGODA JPS

Achieve exceptional performance with the automatic tree shaker GACEK

  • Efficient Harvest: The GACEK automatic tree shaker guarantees a 98% efficiency rate in fruit harvesting

  • High-Quality Fruit & Tree Protection: Gentle shaking minimizes fruit damage, resulting in a premium harvest. The shaking head is designed to avoid tree damage, with vibration strength easily adjustable by modifying the mass of the rotating parts of the shaker head.

  • Fast Operation: Under optimal conditions, the GACEK can harvest 50-60 trees per hour.

  • Ideal for Family Farms: Capable of managing orchards up to 7 hectares with just 2-3 people.

Automatic Tree shaker for cherry GACEK

Key GACEK Characteristics:

  • Effortlessly catches falling fruit with automatic unfolding and folding tarpaulin.

  • Clean Fruit Collection: A built-in fan removes impurities like leaves and twigs. Fruits are then deposited into small boxes for easy handling and transport.

  • The GACEK equipped with hydraulic pallet lifter capable of handling 500 kg pallet boxes.

Developed entirely by JAGODA JPS, the GACEK fruit tree shaker is recognized as an innovation and is protected by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland under the number P-386556.

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Economical Design: Reduce operating costs with the GACEK Automatic Tree Shaker

The GACEK fruit tree shaker stands out for its remarkably economical design, resulting in decreased operating costs for your harvesting endeavors. The harvester requires only a minimal oil flow of 30 liters per minute from the tractor’s hydraulic pump without needing additional, expensive hydraulic kits. This efficiency is attributed to two main factors:

  • Non-synchronized operation
  • Innovative shaker head design, which requires approximately 20 liters per minute oil flow, differing from traditional shaking systems in the market that demand over 50 liters per minute of oil flow.

A hydraulic power pack AHF is available upon request, the standard configuration suffices for the majority of users.

Automatic Tree shaking machine for sour cherries GACEK

Preparing orchard for mechanical harvest:

Proper orchard preparation is key to maximizing the effectiveness of GACEK fruit tree shaker and achieving the best results.

  • Row Spacing: Minimum 4 meters (13.1 feet)
  • Trunk Height: Minimum of 0.7 meters (2.3 feet)
  • Distance between trees in a row (min): 2.2 meters (7.2 feet)
  • Tree Size: Maximum crown diameter of approximately 3.9 meters (12 feet)
  • Maximum trunk diameter:
    – P20 model: Up to 22 cm (8.7 inches)
    – P30 model: Up to 30 cm (11.8 inches)

If your orchard layout doesn’t meet these exact specifications for the GACEK harvester, we have solutions!

  • We offer the G004 tree shaker with tarpaulin, designed to accommodate different orchard conditions in terms of row spacing and tree size.
  • For large-scale operations, we recommend our over-the-row harvester, the JAGODA 300.

Contact us to discover how we can transform your operations!

Technical Specifications

Mounting method Hook to the tractor joist. Category 2
Drive Tractor’s hydraulics
Transport length 4 800 mm
Max. working length 5 200 mm
Total transport width 2 400 mm
Wheelbase in the transport position 1 530 mm
Wheelbase in the working position 1 905 mm
Max. working width 3 700 mm
Height 2 400 mm
Weight ok. 1300 kg
Number of operators (collection to pallet boxes) 2
Number of operators (collection of boxes 400x600x150mm) 3
Output around 0.5 ha (8-10 h)



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