Herbicide Strip Sprayer for Berry Bushes

Weed Control Under berry bushes

Weed Management sprayer TEKLA for berries

General Informations

Herbicide strip sprayer for berry bushes TEKLA is designed to reach the weeds growing under berry bushes in the plantations of blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries, aronia berries, haskap berries, rosehips bushes, and others in non-organic farming as well as along fences.

For weed control in organic farming: check JAGODA JPS Bio -Weeders

Technical Specifications

  • The herbicide strip sprayer for berries TEKLA is mounted to the front of the tractor with the customized bracket used in the berry trimmer FORMER  in case there’s no 3-point linkage and this service we offer it free-of-charge to all our clients.
  • Single-sided or double-sided version
  • Hydraulic adjustable width
  • Hydraulic lifting/lowering of the machine
  • A special design of the sprayer modules enables spraying as close to a bush or tree as possible
  • the use of protective curtains and ejector nozzles protects against spraying tree branches and shrubs
  • The tilting structure of the working part of the device allows for more precise application of the liquid in the working area, preventing spraying of the undesirable area and damaging the device
  • Herbicide strip sprayer TEKLA has an exclusive feature, the double-sided are mounted in a suitably shaped cover made of stainless steel. The symmetrical herbicide strip sprayer is equipped with a shut-off valve. The front and back covers are extended by a flexible apron up to the ground. The operative part of the boom is attached pivotally to the carrier part and is pressed again. the base of the bush by a spring. A second spring lightens the whole working unit. The back partition of the cover is transparent, allowing visual inspection of the work of the sprayers.
  • Equipped with storage and transport stand
  • TE-001 Single-sided without bar attachment
  • TE-002 Single-sided right or left  with adjustable working width in the range of 1.6 m to 2.0 m
  • TE-003 Single-sided with hydraulic cylinder for regulating the width
  • TE-004 Double-Sided TEKLA 2 the adjustable working width in the range of 3.2 m – 4.0 m
  • TE-004W Double-Sided TEKLA 2W slim the adjustable working width in the range of 2.8 m – 3.44 m
  • TE-005 Double-sided with hydraulic cylinders for width regulation
  • Hydraulic lifting/lowering of the machine is available upon request for all versions
Attached to tractor ( Front) Bracket for the appropriate tractor with a common post for berry trimmer (FORMER)
Injecting working part hydraulic/mechanic hydraulic/mechanic hydraulic/mechanic
Lifting the working part hydraulic hydraulic hydraulic
Length without bracket 1 050 mm 1 050 mm 1 050 mm
Min working width. 1 600 mm 3 200 mm 2 800 mm
Max working width. 2 000 mm 4 000 mm 3 440 mm
Working height 1 150 mm 1 150 mm 1 150 mm
Spray width 1 140 mm 1 140 mm 1 140 mm
Spray pressure 2 – 4 bar 2 – 4 bar 2 – 4 bar
Working speed Up to 10 km/h Up to 10 km/h Up to 10 km/h
Working capacity 0,5 – 1,0 ha/h 1,0 – 2,0 ha/h 1,0 – 2,0 ha/h
Weight 75 kg 125 kg 120 kg

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