Self-Propelled Berry Harvester

General Information

OSKAR 4 WD self-propelled berry harvester is the latest version of the harvester for mechanical berry bush harvest on the plantations prepared for it. A harvester is a self-propelled machine with hydrostatic four-wheel drive, which collects fruit from the full row. The drive of working unit is hydraulic.

  • The front axle ride of the self-propelled berry harvester is extended for the harvest (working position) and narrowed to the transport position. This solution greatly improves the mobility of the machine on public roads and work on the plantations.
  • Conveyors receiving collected fruits and ventilators that remove impurities are driven hydraulically and have adjustable speeds.
  • Asymmetric position of shakers (shaker left is shifted towards the right one along the axis of the machine) and the use of an innovative system of hydraulic shaker’s tilt regulation allows to customize shaking off the high and low shrubs, and consequently the collection of other varieties of berries, including raspberries fruiting on one-year shrubs.
  • OSKAR 4 WD self-propelled berry harvester was adjusted for the collection of many types of berry fruits by use of different operating shakers parameters in the amplitude of the vibration produced.
    The lower amplitude is used for example during gooseberries harvest and higher at harvest of currants.
  • Moreover, we developed two types of shaking elements: metal and plastic fingers.
    The use of double-unit fingers improved mounting the units on the column and allowed to increase the density of those fingers. This solution significantly increased the efficiency of collection of fruits strongly attached to the sprouts (eg. aronia fruits when they got very dry).
  • We developed a new hang unit regulated vertically and forced gap adjustment (hinged type) between the gutters of the left transverse conveyor and the right one.
  • OSKAR 4 WD (four-wheel drive) is fitted in the driver’s cabin with air conditioning.
  • OSKAR features modern engine Doosan EU Stage IIIB / Tier 4 Final meeting the requirements for exhaust emissions that eliminates installation of a particulate filter. It has a high-pressure electronic fuel injection and a turbocharger with a control valve, which improves power and efficient fuel consumption. Flue gas cleaning technologies used in the engine include cooled exhaust gas recirculation system connected to the oxidation catalyst to reduce particulate emissions and a selective catalytic reduction with the injection of an aqueous solution of fluid mounted to minimize nitrogen oxide.

Detailed Specs

The basic version of the harvester is a self-propelled working unit.
The harvester options according to the fruits received:

  • Working Unit + platform with rollers – collection into plastic box-pallets 100 cm x 120 cm x 79 cm.
  • Working Unit + Trolleys – collection into plastic box-pallets 100 cm x 120 cm x 79 cm.
  • Working Unit + Set with the separator for harvesting raspberries
  • Working unit + Platform – collection into traditional fruit boxes 40 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm.

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