Orchard Finger Hoe

Mechanical inter-row weeding machine in vineyards and orchards

Orchard Finger Hoe KLAUDIA for vineyards and orchards

General Information

Orchard finger hoe machine KLAUDIA is designed for fast mechanical weeding in organic orchards, vineyards, berry fields, and crops where side weeding is required in fruit farming. The inter-row weeder is equipped with a rubber star, and finger roller disc is placed in front of the finger rubber hoe.

    Detailed Specs

    Escardador de dedos de goma KLAUDIA JAGODA JPS Agormachines

    Rubber finger hoe: The inter-row weeder is designed for fields with young plants or in fields with twisted rows. By using the rubber finger hoe is ideal for fast mechanical weeding between rows, thanks to which the soil and the weeds are loosened easily between the plants and around the trees.

    We offer the finger weeder in 2 sizes: 700 mm and 540 mm with 3 different degrees of hardness for different crops and soil conditions.

    • Can be installed on all common weeding systems.
    • – Rubber finger hoe/ Green: soft hardness (for young plants)
      – Rubber finger hoe/ Orange: medium hardness (for mature plants)
      – Rubber finger hoe/ Red: hard hardness ( for stony and hard soil)
    • For consumables: we offer a unit with 3 fingers or 5 fingers from the complete rubber star weeder
    los ganchos giratorios Escardador de dedos KLAUDIA

    Finger roller disc: The finger roller cultivator is placed in front of the finger hoe, thanks to which the soil is loosened before the finger weeder will cultivate, which increases the effectiveness of the the finger weeder operation. 

    • Easy installation to add 3 or 4 discs for wide cultivating area
    • Easily regulation for tilt and rotate angles
    • Disc diameter: 425 mm
    Disc CUltivator


    • Reversible chassis: Mounted on the rear or on the front of the tractor, connecting by 3-point linkages CAT 1 & 2
    • Hydraulic width displacement: Produced in both sided single or double sided from 1.72 m, up to 3.10 meters wide.
    • Adjustable rubber wheels to regulate the height of the machine.
    • Stand for storage and transport positions
    • In addition to orchard finger hoe, the chassis can be used to inter-row rotary weeder LUCY, disc cultivator ALEK, inter-row blade kit and others

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    Technical Specification

    Version Single-Sided X1 Double-Sided X2
    Min Width (mm) 1 720 mm 2 300 mm
    Max Width (mm) 2 120 mm 3 100 mm
    No Of Disc Cultivator 2 x 3 x 4 2 x 3 x 4
    Finger Hoe  Size Ø 70 or  Ø 54 Ø 70 or  Ø 54
    Working Speed  8 – 15 km/h 8 – 15 km/h
    Working Height 1040 mm 1040 mm
    Diameter of the disc 425 mm 425 mm
    Transport Length 1500 mm 1500 mm
    Mounting method (Rear & Front) 3-PL Cat 1 & 2 3-PL Cat 1 & 2
    Weight 230 kg 350 kg
    Orchard Finger hoe KLAUDIA JAGODA JPS

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