Orchard Disc Cultivator

Orchard Disc Cultivator ALEK- JAGODA JPS

General Information

Orchard disc cultivator ALEK is designed to use for back-filling the channel created under-planting trees, back-filling ridges formed during other agricultural works, and back-filling plant bases to protect roots from frost.

    Detailed Specifications

    Orchard Disc Cultivator: 


    The machine is equipped with 1 or 2 discs 

    • The machine has mechanically adjustable angles for the cultivator discs
    • The machine is produced with single and double-sided

    Orchard Frame Of Cultivator:

    Disc CUltivator

    The frame of the disc cultivator has features to be used in crops with different widths by adjusting the width hydraulically.

    • The frame combined with star hoe and roller cultivator KLAUDIA, and orchard inter-row rotary cultivator LUCY with the blade.
    • The distance varied between min 1.7 m  single-sided to max 3.3 m double sided
    • The machine is mounted on the rear and on the front of the tractor connected by 3-point linkages, Cat 1 & 2

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    Technical Spec one-sided  2-sided
    Mounting method (Rear & Front) 3-point Linkage CAT 2 3-point Linkage CAT 2
    Min Width 1700 mm 2500 mm
    Max Width (cm) 2100 mm 3300 mm
    No Of Disc Cultivator 1 or 2 1 or 2
    Shipment Length 700 mm 700 mm
    Working Speed Up to 12 km/h up to 12 km/h
    Working/Shipment Height 1040 mm 1040 mm
    Diameter of the disc 425 mm 425 mm
    Shipment width 1700  mm 1700  mm
    Weight 190 kg 250 kg

    No of Discs

    1 or 2

    Diameter of Disc

    425 mm

    Working width

    1 700 mm – 3 300 mm

    Working speed

    8 – 12 km/h

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