Under Tree Mower

General Information

Under tree mower, LUCEK DUO is designed for mowing weeds in the rows of trees and shrubs. The use of the under-tree mower can significantly reduce or even eliminate the use of herbicides in the production of the orchard. This reduces the cost of maintenance and facilitates organic farming.

  • The under tree mower is mounted on the three-point linkage from the front of the tractor and is driven by the tractor hydraulics.

  • In the mower with two rotors, the shift of one of the cutter to the side of the tractor is carried out by a hydraulic cylinder. Working element is a rotor with three blades, driven by a hydraulic motor by a transmission belt. Rotor cover protects trees and shrubs from damage and pivotally mounted a working unit allows mowing weeds between the trees.

  • Under tree LUCEK DUO versions:

    – 2 rotors on the right and left sides of the tractor

    – 1 rotor on the right side of the tractor

    – 1 rotor on the left side of the tractor

  • The mower can be additionally equipped with support wheels.

Cutting width

670 mm

Cutting height

30 mm


1 760 mm


810 mm

Detailed Specs

  LUCEK DUO (2 rotors)
LUCEK (1 rotor – right/left side)
Mounting method Three-point linkage from the back. Category 2
Drive From the tractor PTO. Working unit drive – hydraulic motor via a belt transmission
Working unit horizontally waved The rotor with hinged blades covered by rotating shield with 2 or 3 blades (depending on the version)
Extraction of the cutting unit (Working) Cylinder hydraulically driven from the external hydraulics of the tractor
Extension of the cutting unit (working group) Manual
Jump extension of the working unit 400 mm
Cutting width 670 mm
Cutting height 30 mm
Capacity 0.8 – 1.8 ha/h 0.5 – 1 ha/h
Working width 3 500 – 4 300 mm  2 200 mm
Length 1 760 mm
Height 810 mm
Weight 290 kgs 130 kgs

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