Inter-Row Rotary Cultivator

Weeder For Orchard and Vineyards

Inter-Row Rotary Cultivator for orchards LUCY JAGODA JPS LUCY

General Informations

Inter row rotary cultivator LUCY for weed control in orchards of fruit trees, vineyards, and berry bushes. It reduces your costs and environmental impact!

No longer any need for herbicide shower: The automatic weeding inter-row rotary cultivator is dedicated to organic farms. The use of the weeder allows reducing significantly or even eliminating the use of herbicides in fruit production

Technical Specifications


Inter-Row Rotary Cultivator, Weeder For Orchard and Vineyards LUCY

Inter-row orchard Mechanical Weede

  • The width is adjusted hydraulically allowing for use in crops with different row widths
  • Rotary head: 300 mm equipped with 3 vertical knives
  • The orchard rotary cultivator LUCY is controlled by means of an electric console located in the tractor cab
  • Regulating the sensor for high or low sensitivity for high precision weeding: The sensor regulation permits to avoidance of any risk of plant damage.

LUCY Weeder Is Produced in 2 Versions:

Inter row rotary cultivator weeder for orchards and vineyards LUCY

Inter row rotary cultivator weeder for orchards and vineyards LUCY

1. LU-01F: mounted in front of the tractor by a 3-point linkage

  • The version LU-01F: In case the tractor has a low oil pressure pump < 30 L/min, We recommend an internal hydraulic kit:  pump+ oil tank + Radiator  AHF
  • The version LU-01F: In case there’s no 3-point linkage, we customized a bracket depending on the tractor model and include hydraulic lifting and lowering.

2. LU-01R: mounted in the rear of the tractor attached by 3 point linkage on a universal frame that can be used on other machines such as KLAUDIA finger hoe weeder, ALEK Orchard disc cultivator & others

Coming Soon: Orchard inter-row hoeing weeder with blade hoe and disc plow:

inter row Rotary Cultivator with blade Hoe LUCY - JAGODA JPS Agromachines

Rotary Cultivator with blade Hoe LUCY – JAGODA JPS Agromachines

Due to various soil conditions and demands from our clients, our engineers are working on developing the construction of an inter-row weeder LUCY  machine by providing additional equipment that can be easily added to work on different conditions and options

– Rotary cultivator 30 cm; – Blade Hoe; – Disc plow; – Disc cultivator

 Version 1 Sided LU-01F 1 Sided LU-01R
Mounting method to tractor 3-point Linkage- CAT 2 or special bracket (Front) 3-point Linkage- CAT 2 (Rear)
Max Working Width 2026 mm 2010 mm
Min Working Width 2026 mm 1610 mm
Shipment Width 2026 mm 1610 mm
Length 1180 mm 1209 mm
Height 1160 mm 1066 mm
Weeding Depth 10-40 mm 10-40 mm
Weeding Head Size 300 mm 300 mm
Working Speed 1 – 3 km/h 1 – 3 km/h
Oil Requirement (l/min) 30 l/min or External PTO 30 l/min
Weight 180 kg 220 kg

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