Hydraulic power pack


PTO-driven: Get 70 L/Min Hydraulic Flow 

AHF-01 PTO Hydraulic Power Pack: Compact and Powerful

General Informations

Looking for additional hydraulic flow for attachments like weeders or fruit tree trimmers?

The PTO-driven AHF-01 hydraulic power pack delivers a reliable and efficient source of hydraulic power for diverse machines requiring strong drives. It offers up to 70 L/min of additional flow.

PTO Hydraulic power pack is designed to provide a reliable and efficient source of hydraulic power for a wide range of machines

AHF-01: Choice for High-Efficiency PTO Hydraulic Power Pack

  • Robust construction: Engineered for durability and reliable operation in diverse and demanding conditions. The design includes optional lower link hooks compatible with CAT 1, 2, and 3, enabling the attachment of various agricultural machines weighing up to 600 kg to the rear of the hydraulic unit.
  • Designed to provide additional hydraulic power to various orchard machines, such as the inter-row weeder LUCY, tree shaker PESTKA or GACEK, and viticultural weeding machine, which may not receive sufficient oil flow from the tractor’s hydraulic system.
  • The hydraulic power pack is mounted at the rear of the tractor’s 3-point linkage (CAT 1, 2) and is powered by the tractor’s PTO drive, with a guarantee of no risk of oil overheating

High-quality components

Each element is carefully selected to guarantee optimal performance and longevity. This includes:

  • A 75-liter oil tank capacity with a filter system
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • An efficient oil cooler with thermostat
  • 2 pairs of hydraulic couplers 120 L
  • Directional Control Valve, 2 Sections with capacity up to 120 l/min.
  • PTO Shaft
  • Optional lower link hooks compatible with CAT 1, 2, and 3

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