Berry Trimmer Machine

Trimmer for berry plantation

General Information

Berry Trimmer FORMER is designed to prune and form rows of berry bushes into V-shaped shrubs. It is an important step in preparations for a fast and efficient harvesting of berry bushes with mechanical harvest.

FORMER berry trimmer  can be used on fruit farms of berry bushes such as blackcurrants, redcurrants, Aronia berries, gooseberry, Haskap berries, and more.

Pruning prevents the excessive growth of the shoots and facilitates mechanical harvesting. Trimming berry shrubs also favour increased yields in the second year after the harvest, to ensure a continuous renewal of the branches.

Detailed Specs

  • The Berry Trimmer Former has high maneuverability and the working speed up to 6- 8 km/h.
  • The length of the cutting strip 180 cm
  • The berry trimmer FORMER is mounted to the front of the tractor and driven by hydraulic oil from the tractor ( require only 18 to 25 l/min)
  • In case the hydraulic tractor pump output above 35 l/min, we recommend to install oil flow controller to regulate the frequency of cutting to reach the optimal speed 2.2 turn/second.
  • We offer customized bracket free of charge. Our engineers will provide a bracket that fit to any tractor in case there’s no 3 point-linkage.
  • Our trimmer machine is equipped with bracket and hydraulic cylinder for lowering and lifting the machine. This element is also used in our herbicide spraying beams TEKLA designed to spray herbicides under berry bushes such as blackcurrants, aronia berries, gooseberries and similar bushes. Growers interested in both machines, can order only one mounting element and use it for both berry trimmer FORMER and herbicide strip sprayer TEKLA.
Attachment method Customized bracket based on tractor or 3 point linkage Cat 2
The working assembly diagonally adjustable Hand-threaded screw
Height 800 mm
Working width 1 800 mm
Working height 1 150 mm
Working speed 1 – 3 km/h
Output 0.2 – 0.5 ha/h
Tractor’s hydraulic pump output 18-25 l/min
Weight 110 kgs

Working speed

3 km/h

Tractor’s hydraulic pump output

18-25 l/min

Working width

1 800 mm

Working height

1 150 mm

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