Apple Tree shaker with Tarpaulin

Apple shaking machine G-004 JAGODA JPS

General Information

Apple tree shaker

Tree shaking machine G-004 is intended for harvesting apples, sour cherries, plums, hazelnuts, almonds, olives, walnuts and others.

G-004 is a trunk shaking machine that’s adapted to suit the precise needs of fruit growers that can  used in orchards with different distances between trees in a row –  width of the screen: 1.5 m to 3 m

Detailed Specifications

The harvester is equipped with:

Almonds Tree Shaker with Tarpaulin G-004

Almonds Tree Shaker with Tarpaulin G-004

  • High-quality fruits & high reliability with performance up to 99% with harvest output 0.09 to o.1 Ha/hour
  • The apple tree shaker G-004 trailed to a tractor with hydraulic drives ( included: oil tank and pump)
  • Collecting fruits into the small or big boxes ( standard option)
  • An effective system for cleaning fruits up to 900 turns/min.
  • The innovative shaking head guarantee quite an operation and is much more gentle for trees than other shaking head by changing the shaking force of the rotating weight that can be used for different fruits (trunk diameter from 5 cm to 22 cm)
  • We offer as additional equipment hydraulic leveling wheels that are a very suitable solution in case of hilly plantations for efficient operation on crosswise slopes up to 12°.
  • Above 10 ha, we recommend over-row harvester JAGODA 300 
  • In order to operate G-004 three or four people are needed: one tractor driver and 2-to 3 persons to handle the tree shaker

Preparing orchard for mechanical harvest:

Almond Tree Shaker G-004 Plantation conditions

Tree Shaker G-004 Plantation conditions

It is a basic condition for a good operation of the tree shaker G-004.

  • Distance between Rows Min. 2.5 meters
  • Distance between trees in a row: min 1.5 m up to 3 meters
  • Max. crown diameter of about 6 meters
  • Trunk diameter 5 cm to 22 cm
  • Height of the trunk Min. 0,5 meters
  • The distance required at the end of the rows: min 6 meters.
  • In case the trunk diameter of the tree is above 22 cm:

    We recommend PESTKA Trunk shaker as it can reach the main branches of the tree
    For the small size of orchards and big trees: The cable tree shaker RS-100
    For harvester with reversed ‘umbrella’:  GACEK tree shaker


    Length 9000 mm
    Width 2000 mm
    Height 2200 mm
    Weight 1800 kgs
    Scope of paws grip 50-220 mm
    Drive External hydraulics of the tractor – control of the harvester’s operating assembly. A drive of work groups – hydraulic pump through the transmission
    COLLECTION FRUITS boxes 500 Kg (400x600x150)mm or Small Boxes 10 kg
    Harvest accuracy Up. to 99%
    Output around 0.09 to 0.1 ha/hour

    Scope of paws grip

    50-220 mm

    Tractor capacity

    40 HP

    Harvest accuracy

    up to 98%

    Staff required

    3-4 people

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