Choosing cherry harvester:

To know easily the cherry harvester that fits your plantation. It’s best to know the parameters of tree growth and the sizes of your plantation. Also, It’s very important to prepare the orchards for the mechanical harvest and mainly for the intense cherry orchards.

Plantation sizes:

Our mechanical cherry harvesters were developed to harvest cherries under categories for big, medium, and small plantation scales.

For big scales > 8 hectares: The over-the-row harvester JAGODA 300 pull-type collects sour cherries and plums from the entire row by shaking the tree via 2 vertical shakers with an effective system for clean fruits

  • Harvest output: 0.2 to 0.4 ha/hour
  • Shaking system: 2 Vertical Rotor Shaking head
Blueberry and Cherry Harvester JAGODA 300

For medium scales < 8 ha: There are 2 harvesters, and it’s recommended based on 3 parameters of the plantation: the distance between row-to-row, spacing between trees in a row, and spacing at the end of the rows.

  • Gacek: The trailed cherry harvester grabs the trunk, a reversed ‘umbrella – tarpaulin’ that is opened hydraulically under the tree before shaking the tree. Then transport the fruits via a conveyor belt, and all impurities like leaves or twigs are removed with a fan and the fruits are collected into a big box ( 500 kg) or small boxes.
Cherry Harvester GACEK
  • G-004: is a  trailed cherry harvester that’s adapted to suit the precise needs of cherry and plum growers that can be used in orchards with different distances between trees in a row – width of the screen: 3 m to 6 m ( upon request). In order to operate the cherry and plum harvester four people are needed: a tractor driver, 1 person to operate the shaker head, and 2 persons to fold and unfold the screen under the tree.
  • PESTKA: The trunk shaker is the most effective, and cost-saving for harvesting cherries and plums, the shaker head captures the trunk of the tree by paw grip and vibrates it. The collected fruits fall to screens that are spread under a tree (screens are not included), any leaves and twigs should be removed with a blower. The main advantage of tree shaker PESTKA 20 or PESTKA 30 can reach the main branches of the tree in case the trunk diameter is more than 22 cm or 30 cm.
Trunk shaker for plums PESTKA

For small scales < 0.5 ha RS-100:  can save time and labor, especially for cherry farmers who have few trees. it is designed to harvest stone fruits from big, medium, and small trees such as cherries, walnuts, almonds, apricots, plums, olives, cider, and others.

    Rope Tree Shaker RS100- JAGODA JPS Agromachines

    Orchard conditions:

    Planting and spacing of cherry trees vary from one orchard to another, and there are 4 parameters of the plantation that need to be considered:

    1. The distance between row-to-row.
    2. Spacing between trees in a row.
    3. Spacing at the end of the rows.
    4. Width and height of the trunk

    Our engineers achieved to provide different cherry harvesters. The below table is showing the difference between the harvesters.


    Parameters JAGODA 300 G-004 GACEK PESTKA RS-100
    Plantation Sizes > 8 Ha < 7 Ha < 7 Ha < 5 Ha < 0.5 Ha
    Harvest Output 0.2 to 0.4 ha/hour 0.09 to 0.1 ha/hour 0.09 to 0.1 ha/hour 0.07 to 0.1 ha/hour 0.04 to 0.08 ha/hour
    Harvest Type 2 Vertical Shaking Head Shaking trunk Shaking trunk Shaking trunk and primary branches Shaking trunk and main branches
    Distance between the rows Min 2.8 m Min 2.5 m Min 4 m Min 2.2 m Min 2 m
    Distance between trees in a row Any Distance 1.5 m to 4 m 2.2 m to 2.5 m Any Distance Any Distance
    Tractor Capacity 70 Hp 40 Hp 30 Hp 30 Hp 20 Hp
    The distance at the end of the rows for a U-turn Min 8 m Min 9 m Min 6 m Min 3 m Min 3 m
    Diameter of Trunk Any 10 cm to 30 cm 7 cm to 20 cm 7 cm to 22 cm Any
    No required person Tractor Operator + 2 Tractor Operator + 3 Tractor Operator + 2 Tractor Operator + 2 Tractor Operator + 1

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